THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR TRUSTING US! We are an Operating Agency of the City of Cusco “Adv Gregory Cusco Peru SAC”.

Below we give you some options on how to make your reservation deposit. We have 3 forms of payment to make your deposit.

You can make the deposit at any bank with the following information:

Account number in dollars: 3660017331
CCI: 00936621366001733164
Name: Maria Felicia Huailani Surco


Account number in soles: 3660111315
CCI: 00936620366011131564
Name: Maria Felicia Huailani Surco

The deposit must be sent under the name of Maria Felicia Huailani Surco (Our legal representative).

Send your money via Western Union.

Complete the Money Transfer form.

-Complete the Money Transfer form.

  • Tell the employee that the shipment must be in US dollars and write the amount in letters.
    -Write in numbers the amount of money he will send.
    -Copy the beneficiary data in the way indicated here.

Name: Maria Felicia
Last name: Huailani Surco
DNI: 24005168
City: Cusco
Country: Peru
Address and Number: Calle Siete Cuartones N ° 284, Apartment # 3, Cusco

-In the sender section write your personal data.
-Pay the cashier the amount he wants to send and the sending commission
-Once the deposit is made, they will give you the receipt that includes your MTCN: MONEY CONTROL NUMBER (Money Transfer control Number)
-Inform us by E-mail of the amount sent and the MTCN number, we will collect the money shortly and proceed to make the payments and confirm the payment by E-mail.

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Pay to 50%

Pay $240

Pay to 50% Short Inca Trail 2 Days


Pay $340

Pay to 50% Classic Inca Trail 4 Days