To make the reservation it will be by email that will be sent to the following addresses: / 

Important details in the emails.

Names and surnames of each of the passengers



Passport Number:

Departure Date:

Note: For Inca Trail Reservations in high season (May-September) you must do it before 150 days before the departure date and in low season (October-January-March April) from 45 to 40 days from the date output.

Note: For reservations of alternative routes such as salkantay and others, you can reserve 30 to 4 days before the departure date after consultation.


Once your reservation is confirmed, the prepayment will be made, which will be 50%, in case the deposit is not made in cash, the company will not be responsible for your space on the Inca Trail.


Maria Huaillani Surco

Gerente General

Gregory Cusco Perú